Transport People,
Transport Intelligence
Specialists in logistics transportation software and business intelligence.

Customised Logistics Transportation Services

Some of New Zealand’s biggest companies use MOGO LABS to organize their logistics transportation needs in real-time.

Transportation Automation and Integration

Integrate and automate your systems saving time and reducing risk with real-time data sharing.

Logistics Business Intelligence and Analysis

With extensive specialist logistics experience, we provide BI and BA to identify and highlight improvements and efficiencies.

Mobile, Web and Server Software Development

Our team of managers and developers turn complex ideas into simple workflows built on proven platforms. 

“Transport Solutions by Transport People”

We Develop MOGO MOVEMENT (formerly GoFreight)

Mogo Movement is a fully cloud based TMS solution which caters to freight types ranging from Metro single leg deliveries, Container Freight, Full load line haul, through to multi leg, cross docked, multi-mode consolidated freight.

Our system focuses on effective management of complex freight tasks with full mobility, cost analysis, Job Rating including full BCTI, a powerful reporting engine and multi branch or entity capability.

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